– Experienced midwife and certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) offers specialised breastfeeding support

Are you facing challenges with breastfeeding and looking for help? I provide breastfeeding support through telephone calls and by physical house visits in Copenhagen and throughout Zealand.


Experienced midwife with international experience offers urgent help with breastfeeding

Caroline Kragh Hurup – Midwife and Certified IBCLC Counsellor

Graduated from the Midwifery School in Copenhagen, specialized in breastfeeding with the highest certification, experience with maternity services both in Denmark and abroad, with all areas of maternity – antenatal, delivery and postnatal. Fluent in Scandinavian languages and English.

Online Breastfeeding Class

On this two hour long class about breasfeeding, along with Susanne  ( I will take you through all the areas of breastfeeding that you will need to know. Both Susanne and myself, are experienced Midviwes and IBCLC Lactation Consultants and we see the difficulties that families struggle with, on a daily basis. We want to prepare you for both breastfeeding and the early days of parenthood seen in a context of maternity care in Denmark.
You can attend the online class live, and ask the questions you might have, or if more convenient for you, watch/replay the recordings during the following three months.


Telephone consultation

In some cases a consultation over the telephone may be a good and sufficient way of care, provided I deem this safe of course.

House call

I strive to visit you within 24 hrs of your request. If possible the advice and support starts already during the initial phone call, as I know that breastfeeding challenges requires urgent attention.

Contact me now:

if I do not answer your call or reply promptly it is likely because I am at a house call. Leave me a message, e-mail or text and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Reasons to choose


You are always supported personally by me


Highly qualified assistance as I am a midwife and certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) with experience from home and abroad


Highest score of reviews on Trustpilot


Concrete and individual breastfeeding support and guidance focusing on both the parents' preferences as well as the baby's needs and challenges


Thorough tongue, lip and cheek assessment (including TABBY score)


Most visits are made within 24 hours of contact. Breastfeeding support starts when you contact me


In addition to the breastfeeding support, a general postnatal consultation is also carried out


After the visit you will receive a written summary of the advice given and forward plan


The breastfeeding support package has a fixed price with no hidden fees or surcharges. If you are a member of Sygeforsikringen Danmark, up to 30% reimbursement is available.


No time limit of house calls

Customer testimonials

Lovely and extremely competent breastfeeding counsellor! Caroline came out to me when I was most stressed and had the most problems with breastfeeding. Caroline is simply so kind, understanding and super skilled. She spotted things, such as me suffering Raynaud's Syndrome, long before my own doctor and health visitor and comes up with different solutions. What was the most wonderful, though, was definitely the fact that Caroline doesn't forget about you and disappears as soon as she has visited and received her payment. Afterwards Caroline has been so kind to follow up on my many problems with breastfeeding and I have felt very comfortable throughout the whole process, even though breastfeeding has been problematic for me. Thank you Caroline!

Seham Pedersen

Caroline is a winning card! My wife and I highly recommend Caroline. She is really competent and very accommodating. My wife's big wish was to breastfeed without pacifiers as she used these with our first baby at 13 months. This has now been achieved with our second child with the help of Caroline. She was super quick to come round and give us lots of tips and tricks - especially some that others have failed to come up with that have made it successful, in addition she was also great at following up afterwards. We were very comfortable with her guidance.

Frederik Hansen

Contact Caroline before you give up breastfeeding completely.. I contacted Caroline after a quick google search, as I was very close to giving up breastfeeding after only 2 weeks. I had sores, the technique was teasing baby and the breastfeeding positions were teasing due to the caesarean section. I milked out and supplemented with mme. Caroline called me quickly and came to visit the very next day. Her help is hands-on and I needed that as I had already read what there was to read. One of the best things about Caroline, besides the fact that her guidance actually works, is that she is so sweet and welcoming - and cheers you on, making you believe that you can succeed. In addition, I thought I was only paying for the visit itself, but Caroline has been continuously available and outreaching until breastfeeding was running and we agreed that the process could be completed. I would definitely recommend Caroline before giving up on breastfeeding completely.

Anne-Marie Helene Nielsen

I can only join the chorus of satisfied customers who have been helped by Caroline. She came to visit us and our 8 day old son the day we contacted her, and had a caring approach that quickly put us back in the belief that the breastfeeding project could succeed... and already at the following breastfeeding we experienced a great improvement and it has only gone from there. Caroline is both a really pleasant person and a skilled and competent breastfeeding coach. She has our warmest recommendations!

– Felina Frederiksen

The most skilled and sweetest breastfeeding supervisor. My breastfeeding program has been and still is (my daughter is now almost 11 months) a success because of Caroline's knowledgeable guidance and not to mention pleasant personality. It is fragile to have challenges as a new mother, but Caroline is so calm, kind and incredibly skilled at her craft that you feel in very safe hands with her. I can't put into words how valuable it is that Caroline has the opportunity to come to your home, in a safe environment - it really is invaluable and very unique for a breastfeeding coach. I highly recommend Caroline!


I highly recommend Caroline! She is very competent, understanding and helpful and I have felt very safe in her hands throughout the process. Caroline came out quickly after we contacted her and had a lot of great solutions to the breastfeeding challenges we had. Afterwards Caroline has been really good at following up and it's been really nice to be able to get some advice and sparring over the phone too.

– Fie

I contacted Caroline as I had long struggled with overproduction and suspected fungus in one breast. She came on the first weekday and took her time to look at both baby and me. It was a slow process but I managed and stayed in touch with her by phone and text throughout.

– Marlene

I contacted Caroline because, as a first-time mother, I was having problems breastfeeding - especially when the milk was overflowing, as my breasts were forming many milk lumps and were very hard, which made it almost impossible for my son to breastfeed with me. Caroline immediately came to my rescue and helped me with concrete advice on everything from breastfeeding technique, breastfeeding positions and not least gave me good advice on what and how to solve the problem of the many milk nodes. Before my birth I had never imagined that breastfeeding would be a problem, but it was. Thanks to Caroline's great help and support, the breastfeeding process has been extremely positive. Caroline has managed to give me understanding and the belief that I can do it! After blood, sweat and tears - literally - and lots of patience, moral support and professional guidance from Caroline - I am now breastfeeding my son without any problems. I therefore give Caroline my very warmest recommendations - I couldn't have done it without her help!

Roxana CB

Very good course! It was a great support to have a course with Caroline. She gave good advice and competent guidance which made me more confident in my breastfeeding. Can definitely recommend starting with Caroline if you are experiencing challenges with breastfeeding.

Cecilie Malig Andersen

Faith back. I had a really bad start to my breastfeeding journey after miserable guidance from the hospital, or lack of it. Caroline helped me to regain faith that breastfeeding my daughter was possible, and to ditch the pacifiers altogether. Now it's just on and both my little daughter and I are thriving. It is clearly the best thing I could have done for her and me. Huge recommendation from here.

Sascha Senik

When I contacted Caroline, I urgently needed help to get the breastfeeding technique in place. Caroline came to my home the same day and gave me good, knowledgeable, relevant and caring advice and guidance, which led to an immediate improvement in my breastfeeding situation. Afterwards, Caroline contacted me several times to follow up on how things were going, and also provided telephone advice and assistance. Caroline was subsequently available whenever I had further questions or needed help, which was absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend contacting Caroline if you need help getting your breastfeeding on track!


A huge help! Caroline's guidance was indispensable and exactly the help we needed. She came to our home the day after we called, and with her warm and calm demeanour we immediately felt in safe hands. Before Caroline's visit, we were very unsure about breastfeeding as new parents, and Caroline gave us the belief that we could do it. With each passing day, breastfeeding is going better and better, we've completely given up the bottle, and soon we'll be done with the dummy too - and most importantly, our son is thriving. Thank you Caroline!

Natasha Rasmussen

Safe, objective and indispensable guidance! Caroline was the reason my breastfeeding went so smoothly - from being in hospital with my head full of thoughts about whether it could be done and with staff time at a premium, Caroline coming to visit and guiding me calmly and objectively through the different stages of breastfeeding was an important investment and made me feel safe. Safe and relaxed are the words I would put on the experience I had with Caroline. It was indispensable!

Anne Vraaby

Clearly worth the money and incredibly skilled! Caroline is simply amazing. She saved my breastfeeding. When I was deeply frustrated and about to throw in the towel, Caroline came over and didn't leave until we had sorted out the breastfeeding. Caroline came several times and was also there texting when I was deeply frustrated. I'm glad I got in touch with Caroline. My daughter is now 15 months and we little ones are still breastfeeding and it's been the best thing I've ever done not to give up but get help 🙂

Carolina Thomsen

Receive subsidy from your lactation consultation:

The health insurance ‘Sygeforsikringen Danmark’ provides a subsidy to members – see their website for further information I will report your case to ‘sygeforsikring Danmark’ so that you can focus on feeding your baby.

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