Breastfeeding preparation

I offer breastfeeding preparation online or home visits in Copenhagen and throughout Zealand.

You need to feel confident about the task ahead of you – this applies to both giving birth and breastfeeding. Starting breastfeeding is, for many families, a challenging and difficult time. As newcomers, or with a history of problematic breastfeeding, there is a lot to keep track of and deal with a small newborn.

Milk production. Baby’s well-being. Routines. Sleep. Postpartum exhaustion. Great responsibility. Vulnerability as newcomers. Pain. Wounds. Breastfeeding.  

A whole new life opens up when you become a parent, and we want to prepare you for this transformation.

With breastfeeding preparation (private at home or online), you’ll gain insight into the process you and your baby (and partner, if applicable) will go through, the challenges that most often occur, and how to prevent and/or manage them. You have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have or that arise along the way.

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Online Breastfeeding Class

On this two hour long class about breasfeeding, along with Susanne  ( I will take you through all the areas of breastfeeding that you will need to know. Both Susanne and myself, are experienced Midviwes and IBCLC Lactation Consultants and we see the difficulties that families struggle with, on a daily basis. We want to prepare you for both breastfeeding and the early days of parenthood seen in a context of maternity care in Denmark.
You can attend the online class live, and ask the questions you might have, or if more convenient for you, watch/replay the recordings during the following three months.

Private breastfeeding

Private breastfeeding preparation is education in your home, targeted to your/your needs for knowledge, information and possible assessment of breast tissue as needed. You will gain a thorough understanding of how your body changes after pregnancy and during the breastfeeding process, and how the interaction between you and your baby may change and be affected.’  

To book Private Breastfeeding Preparation contact Caroline on or 93 860 861 to arrange a meeting.

Telephone consultation

Consultation where I advise on breastfeeding if I consider it is safe.

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