Telephone consultation

Consultation where I advise on breastfeeding if I consider it is safe.

Let’s have a chat

In some cases, a telephone consultation may be possible. However, it is essential for me to assess that it is safe and possible to provide the relevant advice by telephone. My price for a telephone consultation is DKK 299.

If it subsequently turns out that the breastfeeding challenges require a house call, we will plan for this. The cost of the home visit is shown below, and I will of course deduct the cost of the telephone consultation from the total cost of the home visit.


House call

I offer to visit you at your home in Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand. During this visit we will go through the details of your breastfeeding journey and challenges.

Contact me now:

if I do not answer your call or reply promptly it is likely because I am at a house call. Leave me a message, e-mail or text and I will get back to you as soon as I can.