House call

I offer emergency breastfeeding help and home visits in Copenhagen and throughout Zealand.

Breastfeeding support at home

I offer emergency breastfeeding help and home visits in Copenhagen and throughout Zealand. I work with transparent and clear prices, so there are no unforeseen costs, surcharges, fees or the like.

I aim to visit you the same day or within 24 hours.

It is important to me that we find out how breastfeeding works best for you. To start out best I find it vital that breastfeeding and support is on the baby’s terms – therefore I have a fixed price so matters such as hourly rates, weekend fees, travel allowances etc. does not become a stress factor. If, for example, the baby is asleep when I arrive, we can use that time to talk about your challenges and other relevant maternity issues. I can further use my midwifery background to answer other current and relevant questions, or refer you to the relevant specialist. There are many aspects to optimal breastfeeding, including making sure mother and baby are thriving and feel confident – this is my top priority.

My price for personal breastfeeding guidance is 2.999 kr.
(The health insurance ‘Sygeforsikringen Danmark’ also provides a subsidy of up to members – see their website for further information )

The price includes a preparatory phone call, a home visit with no time-limit, a written summary of the given advice and plan for the time to come and of course follow-up phone calls to support you in the following process. I offer support to the extend that you need int he following two weeks – some may need a brief talk once a week, others might need to check in every other day to feel safe in the process. In some cases I might also advice that we keep close contact if there are concerns such as mastitis, milk production issues or other factors with great impact on breastfeeding and hence both mother and baby’s wellbeing.

In my experience, questions always arise in the following days – and so it makes sense that you can contact me at no extra cost.
In my experience and opinion, this is the best way to solve breastfeeding challenges and get you on your way.

Telephone consultation

Consultation where I advise on breastfeeding if I consider it is safe.

Contact me now:

if I do not answer your call or reply promptly it is likely because I am at a house call. Leave me a message, e-mail or text and I will get back to you as soon as I can.